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What’s Modern Quilting?

Modern quilting is a new approach, a new wave, a change from traditional. Okay, so what’s traditional; common, same way all the time, could be drab, but still beautiful. The kind of fabric, the blocks, the colors, the pattern; that’s what made it traditional. It’s full (usually symmetrical). Modern quilting is your interpretation of a quilt; your rendition of what it should be.  The fabric, the bold colors, the pattern (skewed and asymmetrical), the block (changed, sliced and diced), that’s what makes it modern. It’s minimal. It’s out of the box. It’s environmental. It’s YOU! I still like making traditional quilts. However, I’m moving towards the modern quilting trend. This is my definition and observation of modern quilting. The quilt top  below is my first attempt to modern quilting. What’s your thoughts on modern quilting?

                             My First Attempt

To Glue or Not To Glue

One of my quilt buddies told me about a quilter that presented at her guild. This quilter was so meticulous; she glued her seams before she sewed them. I was intrigued by this, so I searched for her. I was amazed by her work and her gluing technique. Who was she? Sharon Schamber was the quilter, so for my next informational post I chose to share glue basting your seams and binding a quilt with glue. I’ve never tried the glue basting technique  because I thought it was time consuming and messy. But after revisiting this technique and viewing a video created by Sharon’s daughter Cristy Fincher; I am going to give it a try. I have several quilt buddies who use Sharon’s binding with glue technique. They love it! The first video is her daughter, Cristy Fincher demostrating seam gluing, and the others are of Sharon demonstrating binding with glue. I’ve also added a How to link from Craftsy on using Elmer’s School glue. View the information and YOU decide to glue or not to glue.

Glue Basting – 

Binding 1 – 

Binding 2 – 

Binding 3 – 

Craftsy – Posted by Angela Mitchell – Crazy for Glue: How to Use Glue in Quilting

That Perfect Cut

Have you ever cut strips of fabric; only to find out that they were not straight? In fact they have a little “V” in the fold. Why does this happen? What can you do to prevent this from  happening? I’ve added videos with some tips that should help you prevent the “V.” I’ve also posted an article from the Quilting Board. Once again I’m just sharing tidbits of quilting information. Click on the links below to view video and/or read the article.


Fons & Porter Cutting Straight Video

Quilting Board How to Avoid The Dreaded “V” When Rotary Cutting Strips

Squaring Up Your Quilt Blocks

I’ve been compelled to add this information as a refresher. I’ve been quilting for quite sometime now and I always thought I was squaring up my blocks right, especially my HSTs. As they say, it’s never too late to learn. I was working with a group of quilters; senior citizens to be exact, and they were learning how to square up their half square triangles. For the life of me I was having difficulty showing one of them how to do it. I had to get help from the instructor. Once she showed me. It was a breeze to show someone else. My problem was how I was turning my block after I made the initial cuts, so I decided to add two tutorials that I found on the Internet as a reminder for beginner quilters. One tutorial covers squaring up quilt blocks, and the other is on squaring up half square triangles.

Building Block Quilt Along

I subscribe to Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting blog weekly newsletter. Each week has an update on a new free motion quilt design. This quilt along began January 4th, so you still have time to catch up. It features both quilting and free motion videos. If you want to try free motion quilting Leah Day can get you started. Click on the link above or on the icon below. Enjoy! This information is posted on my blog for informational purposes only. I enjoy sharing good websites for quilters.

building blocks quilt pattern

Quilting Television on the Internet

I subscribe to, you can watch your favorite quilt shows on the Internet. They have a special going on until March 18th. You pay $12.00 for the year. Subscribe if  you like Fons & Porter or Quilty, and other quilt programs not found on Youtube. Join now and save! The postings that I add to my blog are for informational purposes only. I use these sites to improve my quilting skills.