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To Glue or Not To Glue

One of my quilt buddies told me about a quilter that presented at her guild. This quilter was so meticulous; she glued her seams before she sewed them. I was intrigued by this, so I searched for her. I was amazed by her work and her gluing technique. Who was she? Sharon Schamber was the quilter, so for my next informational post I chose to share glue basting your seams and binding a quilt with glue. I’ve never tried the glue basting technique  because I thought it was time consuming and messy. But after revisiting this technique and viewing a video created by Sharon’s daughter Cristy Fincher; I am going to give it a try. I have several quilt buddies who use Sharon’s binding with glue technique. They love it! The first video is her daughter, Cristy Fincher demostrating seam gluing, and the others are of Sharon demonstrating binding with glue. I’ve also added a How to link from Craftsy on using Elmer’s School glue. View the information and YOU decide to glue or not to glue.

Glue Basting – 

Binding 1 – 

Binding 2 – 

Binding 3 – 

Craftsy – Posted by Angela Mitchell – Crazy for Glue: How to Use Glue in Quilting