Important tidbits . . .

I’ve been thinking about what to share, and I thought of the following things that we may or may not take for granted. Needles, threads, quilt care and rotary safety. Do you change your sewing machine needle after every project, and are you using the correct needle size for each project? Are thread weights important to you? Did you know that quilting thread is heavier than piecing thread? How do you store and fold your finished quilt? Are you careful when you use your rotary cutter? I thought about how or what I do. I don’t always change my sewing machine needle after every project. I use Schmetz quilt needles size 14. I use Coats and Clark threads; especially when it’s on sale.  I’ve folded my quilts in half not realizing that that’s not the way to fold them. However, I am very careful with my rotary cutter. I always close it after every cut. and I make sure I put it in a safe place. I’ve been searching the internet for answers to my questions, and I’ve added several websites that answer them. I have to re-evaluate how and what I do. I have to ask myself “why am I making this quilt?” Just sharing some useful information. Click on the links below. Enjoy!

 Choosing Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing Machine Needles Chart

Thread Tips for Quilters

Rotary Cutter Safety

Rotary Cutter Safety Tips

Storing Your Quilt

Quilt Care




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