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Sewing Machine Care

I receive email from the National Sewing Circle and one of this weeks videos is on Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips.  Did you know that maintenance should be performed on your sewing machine after every major project? How often do you clean your sewing machine? Click on the link below and let Jessica Giardino walk you through the Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips video. Enjoy!

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips


Always Another Way 2

I receive a newsletter via email from Landauer Publishing, and as you know by now; that’s if you follow my blog. I’m always looking for shortcuts, tips, or simple techniques that save time; yet produce a block with precision and ease. Penny Haren has several Basic Block videos for beginners as well as experienced quilters.  As I went down her video playlist I came across; Creating a Kaleidoscope Block With Bonus Pinwheel Block. I’ve never made a kaleidoscope block before, but after watching this video that’s going to be my next venture. I really enjoy sharing the creative quilting techniques that I find on the web. Click on the video to view the Kaleidoscope Block. I also added the link to all of her videos. Enjoy!


Penny Haren’s Basic Block Videos