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Metro Lines


I’ve designed my own quilt before, but this is the first one that I am sharing with others. It’s a simple pattern and can be made with any print and two solids. I had some left over scraps (no particular fabric collection) from another project and made the quilt top. My back will have one metro line surrounded by solid fabric. My binding will have a combination of the two solid fabrics.  It’s a small baby quilt, but I know the blocks can be resized for any size quilt. I used HSTs and squares and just arranged them in this order. My soon to be daughter-in-law helped me name it, and that’s how Metro Lines was born.

      Metro Lines



Food for Thought: Never Short Change Yourself

I wrote this down some time ago, but never added it to my blog until now.  What led to this writing was a discussion that I had with some of my friends about pricing your quilts. One of my friends sold one of her quilts for a large sum of money. When she asked me how much would I have sold it for, I gave her a small amount. So that day I learned an important lesson. Never sell yourself short. When it comes to what you do as a crafter (knitter/crocheter, sewer, or quilter) your work is just as valuable. You are an artist in your own right. The time, expense, work, and love you put into your projects is priceless. Your creativity is yours, and no one else has what you have. Yes, others may try to duplicate it, but you are the artist. You have that extra oomph that it takes to make it yours, that extra twist on it. You have that je ne sais quoi, so when buyers look at your prices and think they are too costly. Remember, never sell yourself short. You are the artist.

QAYG (Quilt As You Go)

Every Tuesday night, I quilt with a group of extraordinary women. Their vast talents range from seamstress, knitters, quilters, felters, designers, book club members; you name it and most likely one of them has done it. These women are full of knowledge, travel, life experiences  and exposure. I truly enjoy being a member and friend of this group (Tea Cups). It is such a learning experience. You never know what’s in store for you on any given Tuesday. Several Tuesdays ago Josie (a member and friend) taught a QAYG (quilt as you go) class. I missed that session, however, I decided to blog about this technique. There are several techniques, but after watching Josie I decided to post two QAYG videos showing the techniques she used. These  videos were made by the Gourmet Quilter. This will be the next technique I try. Enjoy QAYG!

Other Gourmet Quilter QAYG Tutorials

I finished my QAYG quilt and I made a pillow.

Sunshine – Front
Sunshine – Back
Pillow – Front