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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – 3 Methods for Boxing the Corners on a Bag

Lately, I’ve been making tote bags, purses, and even Ipad/Tablet cases; which sometimes requires you to box the corners. A nice even corner makes your bag look great. I know and use two of the methods for boxing corners, but I found a video by Deby Coles from So Sew Easy ( that shows a third method. You may have seen the third method on a market bag or a large beach bag. Anyway check out the video!

3 Ways to Box Corners in a Bag:

1. Cut the cornerboxcorner2a

2. Sew the cornerboxcorner2

3. Sew into seamboxcorner3bc3

Wow! I always wondered how the third method this was done.

I’m sure you all know how to box the corners of your bag, but it’s always good to have a refresher.

Click on the video and check out all 3 methods.


Sewing Strips – Quick Tip

As always, my STITCH this! newsletter had another great tip article. Sewing strips so they don’t bend like an archer’s bow. Well Amy Smart has a tip for that. In fact she has several tips on sewing and working with strips in her book Fabulously Fast Quilts. I’m not endorsing her book nor do I get anything for mentioning it. I just enjoy sharing tips, techniques and shortcuts for quilting. So click the STITCH this! link above and check out the quick tip for straighter strips. Alternating the sewing directions will prevent strips from bending. See sewing direction below.