Monthly Archives: November 2017

New Beginnings . . . Week 48

Five weeks to go . . . continue making gifts. I made another fleece item from Angel Hickman Peterson’s website She has a lot of free and easy patterns; nice gifts to make and give for the holiday. I made a quick; child size, fleece hat with ear flaps. 


New Beginnings . . . Week 47

Six weeks to go . . . This week I’m going to work on gifts. I found some quick and easy gifts to make with fleece, so I made a neck warmer, hat, mittens, and fingerless gloves.
You can find the tutorials on the following websites. Fleece Mittens Free Pattern
Fleece Hat and Fingerless Gloves and Fleece Neck Warmer  ENJOY!


New Beginnings . . . Week 46

Seven weeks to go . . . I guess I should start my holiday gift making. Well, I didn’t start my gift making because I had a very busy week, and my weekend was full too. I took a Nuno Felt Workshop on Saturday with Josie Dakers; sponsored by NJMQG (North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild). I really enjoyed creating my masterpiece. Josie creates beautiful felted scarves; after creating mine, I truly appreciate the fibers of her being. 

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