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My name is Rolanda LeBron. I'm a quilter/sewist/crafter, grandma of six, retired educator, and lifelong learner. I'm a member of the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, and Tea Cups. I also enjoy quilting with the Delaware Quilters at their yearly fall retreat; this was my third year. The links on my menu's navigation bar are just a few websites that I frequently visit. This blog was created to assist new and/or seasoned quilters with tips, techniques and shortcuts.

New Beginnings . . . Week 25

Twenty-eight weeks to go . . . There’s nothing new under the sun, just your interpretation.

This week I created something that was not sewn. I like to dabble in screen printing, so today I took a CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, and black) screen printing workshop at the Newark Print Shop. It’s not easy working with four colors but the results are awesome. Watching your colors blend before your eyes is really cool! My tester was done on paper, and then I screened a tote bag (not shown) and t-shirt. I used a picture of a quilt that I made. This is definitely an interesting process. The photo on the left is printed on paper, the middle photo (t-shirt) first yellow and then cyan, and the last photo (t-shirt) has all four colors.