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My name is Rolanda LeBron. I'm a quilter/sewist/crafter, grandma of six, retired educator, and lifelong learner. I'm a member of the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, and Tea Cups. I also enjoy quilting with the Delaware Quilters at their yearly fall retreat; this was my third year. The links on my menu's navigation bar are just a few websites that I frequently visit. This blog was created to assist new and/or seasoned quilters with tips, techniques and shortcuts.

Finish; Complete . . . Month 5

A new month and another WIP to complete. This is larger than what I am use to completing. I can’t remember exactly how old this WIP is, but I know it’s more than ten years old. The blocks were made by eighth graders at Dr. M. L. King, Jr. School in Newark. I chose an African Kenta cloth for the back.


Finish; Complete . . . Month 4

This month’s WIP will be completed before the month ends. It only needs a binding and a label. I don’t remember the year I started it, but finally I will finish it this year.

I’m so happy that I finished this quilt. I added the binding on Thursday, (4-19-18); while I was at a quilt retreat. I am confident that I will finish all twelve of my WIPs.

Finish; Complete. . . Month 3

Well, this is month three and I’ve chosen my next WIP. It’s much larger than my last two, but I’m ready for it. It’s sandwiched and ready to be quilted, add binding and labeled. My goal for this year’s challenge is to complete at least twelve of my WIPs; although there are more than twelve to finish. I’ve posted two thumb nails of my next quilt. I’ll post a full pic later.

One thing left to do, add my label. I am so glad I finished. I posted pictures, but I have to retake later.

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Finish; Complete . . . Month 2

I felt good completing my first WIP quilt. It was a 32″ x 36″ baby quilt. I’m working my way up, and now I’m ready for the next quilt. I have a month to complete it, and also work on other projects. I didn’t name it, so I’m hoping a name will come to me while I work on it.

Just posting my Month 2 progress; I started quilting last night (2-17-18), and finished quilting today. I quilted straight lines and stitched in the ditch; nothing fancy or overwhelming. I’m trying to complete this quilt before the month ends. The binding will either be gray and red or gray and orange. My binding colors changed slightly to gray, orange and a multi-color stripe. It looks good, and I’m almost finished. I have to hand sew binding and add my label or just sign the quilt. Finished measurements 30″ x 40″.  This quilt is for Sebastian, grandson #6. Completed quilt yesterday (2-21-18); washed and delivered. I decided to name it “Adventures“, I’m not sure why exactly but it was and adventure for me and I know it will be Sebastian too. The last couple of pictures show the washed quilt and signature.

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Finish; Complete . . . Month 1

I have so many unfinished quilt projects that I’ve started years ago. I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and complete my works in progress (WIP). I’m going to post my progress weekly. I’ll show pics of what it looks like before I begin.
I’ve changed my mind and decided to make this a monthly challenge because it’s all about finishing and completing my WIPs. If I have time I will blog my progress weekly.

This is my first WIP (Work In Progress) that I’m going to complete. I can’t remember if I called this quilt “Metro” or “Metro Lines” it’s sandwiched and ready to be quilted.


I have five more days in Month 1 to complete this baby quilt. I decided to quilt it with my walking foot and make large wavy lines. I posted two pictures showing my progress. I know I will complete this before the thirty-first. I think I’m going to quilt a few more wavy lines between each row.

I’m almost finished. I added the binding; last hand stitch and wash. I’ll make my deadline.


New Beginnings . . . Week 52

One week to go or should I say, finito. This is it! It’s finished! I did it! A new project every week for fifty-two weeks. I’m elated! I finished my challenge for the year. Below are pictures of my last project. It’s a combination neckwarmer/hoodie (it’s similar to a neck gaiter). Throughout my year of creating, making and sewing projects. I realize that “There’s nothing new under the sun.”



New Beginnings . . . Week 49

Four weeks to go . . . WOW, I can’t believe I’m almost there! This was a journey and I loved every minute of it. Let’s see what this week will bring; something out of the box. Maybe! I decided to make another fleece hat with ear flaps, so I used the Crafty Gemini’s DIY tutorial. I also made more reversible fleece neck warmers, and reversible fleece cowls.