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New Beginnings . . . Week 43

Ten weeks to go . . . What will I create this week? 
Another busy week, so I had to make something quick. Fleece Fun has several free fleece hat patterns; many variations from baby to adults. I made a quick basic fleece hat. Click the link for website and video Fleece Fun

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That Perfect Cut

Have you ever cut strips of fabric; only to find out that they were not straight? In fact they have a little “V” in the fold. Why does this happen? What can you do to prevent this from  happening? I’ve added videos with some tips that should help you prevent the “V.” I’ve also posted an article from the Quilting Board. Once again I’m just sharing tidbits of quilting information. Click on the links below to view video and/or read the article.


Fons & Porter Cutting Straight Video

Quilting Board How to Avoid The Dreaded “V” When Rotary Cutting Strips