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Finish; Complete . . . Month 1

I have so many unfinished quilt projects that I’ve started years ago. I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and complete my works in progress (WIP). I’m going to post my progress weekly. I’ll show pics of what it looks like before I begin.
I’ve changed my mind and decided to make this a monthly challenge because it’s all about finishing and completing my WIPs. If I have time I will blog my progress weekly.

This is my first WIP (Work In Progress) that I’m going to complete. I can’t remember if I called this quilt “Metro” or “Metro Lines” it’s sandwiched and ready to be quilted.


I have five more days in Month 1 to complete this baby quilt. I decided to quilt it with my walking foot and make large wavy lines. I posted two pictures showing my progress. I know I will complete this before the thirty-first. I think I’m going to quilt a few more wavy lines between each row.

I’m almost finished. I added the binding; last hand stitch and wash. I’ll make my deadline.



Always Another Way 2

I receive a newsletter via email from Landauer Publishing, and as you know by now; that’s if you follow my blog. I’m always looking for shortcuts, tips, or simple techniques that save time; yet produce a block with precision and ease. Penny Haren has several Basic Block videos for beginners as well as experienced quilters.  As I went down her video playlist I came across; Creating a Kaleidoscope Block With Bonus Pinwheel Block. I’ve never made a kaleidoscope block before, but after watching this video that’s going to be my next venture. I really enjoy sharing the creative quilting techniques that I find on the web. Click on the video to view the Kaleidoscope Block. I also added the link to all of her videos. Enjoy!


Penny Haren’s Basic Block Videos



There’s always another way . . .

As usual,  I’m always looking for a shortcut to piecing blocks. I found another way to make a four patch. Landauer Publishing has a video tutorial on perfect piecing for basic blocks. Author Peggy Haren demonstrates how to make two four patch blocks from two squares. This is a simple technique that makes perfect seams. I’m going to try this technique and post my block for all to see. Again, I enjoy sharing new tips and techniques that make a quilter’s piecing easier and precise. Enjoy the video and leave a comment if you try the technique.

Video For Perfect Piecing

Squaring Up Your Quilt Blocks

I’ve been compelled to add this information as a refresher. I’ve been quilting for quite sometime now and I always thought I was squaring up my blocks right, especially my HSTs. As they say, it’s never too late to learn. I was working with a group of quilters; senior citizens to be exact, and they were learning how to square up their half square triangles. For the life of me I was having difficulty showing one of them how to do it. I had to get help from the instructor. Once she showed me. It was a breeze to show someone else. My problem was how I was turning my block after I made the initial cuts, so I decided to add two tutorials that I found on the Internet as a reminder for beginner quilters. One tutorial covers squaring up quilt blocks, and the other is on squaring up half square triangles.