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Finish; Complete . . . Month 2

I felt good completing my first WIP quilt. It was a 32″ x 36″ baby quilt. I’m working my way up, and now I’m ready for the next quilt. I have a month to complete it, and also work on other projects. I didn’t name it, so I’m hoping a name will come to me while I work on it.

Just posting my Month 2 progress; I started quilting last night (2-17-18), and finished quilting today. I quilted straight lines and stitched in the ditch; nothing fancy or overwhelming. I’m trying to complete this quilt before the month ends. The binding will either be gray and red or gray and orange. My binding colors changed slightly to gray, orange and a multi-color stripe. It looks good, and I’m almost finished. I have to hand sew binding and add my label or just sign the quilt. Finished measurements 30″ x 40″.  This quilt is for Sebastian, grandson #6. Completed quilt yesterday (2-21-18); washed and delivered. I decided to name it “Adventures“, I’m not sure why exactly but it was and adventure for me and I know it will be Sebastian too. The last couple of pictures show the washed quilt and signature.

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Great Tips . . .

When I started this blog my goal was to find quick tips and techniques that would help quilters and sewers. So, as usual, I was searching the internet and came across Amy Smart’s blog; Diary of a Quilter. She’s the author of Fabulously Fast Quilts. After viewing Amy’s, April 28th blog post, Fabulously Fast Quilts and Quilting Tips, and several bloggers that she posted on her site; who commented on her book. I’ve decided to purchase her book. She has some beautiful quilts; they look complicated, but as the title reads, Fabulously Fast Quilts; they are not complicated at all. I’ve listed several tips that were listed on her site and her blogger friends (quilters and sewers) sites. As I’ve stated before; these tips and techniques are not mine. I’m just compiling and sharing great information that I hope will help quilters or anyone who sews. For more tip information click on the links below. Enjoy and leave a comment!

Fast Sewing and Quilting Tips:
1. Pre-wind your bobbins before you start your projects., and try to use the same brand, type, and weight of thread at all times. 

2. Starch – starch your fabric before you cut it.

3. Use a lint roller to remove any threads from your fabric. – Jenny Content Editor

4. Bulk pressing – sew as many pieces as you can and then press.

5. Cut your leftover fabrics into useable strips and squares. Then store them in baskets for easy access.

6. Find your focus fabric first, and then pull colors from your stash that are in the focus fabric.

7a. Always check your seam allowance. Sewing machine settings differ so check it before you begin sewing that 1/4″. Use a seam gauge to test yours.

7b. You do not iron your quilt. You press it. Lift your iron up and down; ironing can distort your seams.*

7c. Use a design wall to lay out your quilt before you sew it.*

8. Quick tips – Cutting up to four layers of fabric at a time, marking more than one piece of fabric, and chain piecing; even if you are stitching out of order.

9. Binding tip – Press binding away from fabric. Then, turn it over, and press it again.  You can use Wonder Clips to tuck down the binding or you can use any other clips that you may have.

10. Glue basting is one alternative to pinning your patchwork pieces.

11. Fast and fun – quarter square triangle method (QST)

12. Quick quilt borders – click link for details.