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New Beginnings . . . Week 17

Thirty-six weeks to go . . . I haven’t got a clue! Not sure what I’ll create this week.

Another busy week, spending time with family and friends. We celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday on Saturday, April 29th. So, I didn’t have time to think about making anything, until today. Since my guild NJMQG ( North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild) will be making the Open Wide Zippered Pouch: DIY Tutorial by Anna Graham. I decided to have a dry-run and make a sample first. You can find the tutorial at Noodlehead.

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New Beginnings . . . Week 16

Thirty-seven weeks to go . . . Where will my creativity and the Internet take me this week?!

I didn’t make it in time! I’m sixteen minutes late, but I did finish my project for week 16. I made another One Hour Basket; mine took much longer because I made a scrappy quilt as you go exterior (front and back). You will love this quick and easy project. 1 Hour Basket Tutorial

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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – Jeni Baker’s Lined Drawstring Bag

linedpouchbagI enjoyed making Jeni Baker’s lined drawstring bag. Her tutorial was easy to follow and quick to execute, so this is my Tips and Tutorials Tuesday. I’ve posted a picture of my bag. I thought about posting step by step pictures of what I did, but I don’t see any reason to reinvent the wheel; when everything’s been laid out for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the picture below for the tutorial.


Looking Back . . .

I read Melintheattic’s blog tonight. She was blogging about her quilting life in 2014, and her growth. I found her post to be so refreshing. It made me think about my growth,  what I have learned, and how my quilting skills have improved. I thought about the people I’ve met. The friendships I’ve built over the years, and experiences I’ve encountered because of quilting. Looking back is an important part of growth. We tend to look back on the previous year to set goals, make resolutions, and think about our growth for the new year. So take a good look back; it will help you move forward.  Think about what you have accomplished or gained? If you don’t see any growth. Then what changes will you make in 2015? Think about it! What will you do differently? . . . maybe nothing!

Susie’s Magic Binding

Have you ever added a flange to your quilt before you added the binding? Well, one of my quilt buddies told me about magic binding. She said, she would show me on Tuesday, but I couldn’t wait. I went home and Googled it; only to find out how GREAT this magic binding technique is. I’m the shortcut Queen, so I’m always looking for a new technique or method that would make my quilting quick and easy. And to my SURPRISE this technique is so easy to do. Poof! you have a flange and binding all in one and it’s machine sewn.
Click on the Susie’s Magic Binding Tutorial below to find  written instructions, but you may want to watch the video first. Additional tutorial Quilts and a Mug.


Susie’s Magic Binding Tutorial – 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks

 Quilts and a Mug

My first magic binding quilt.

Quick Trip – Around the World Quilt

If you’ve read any of my blog entries up to now. You know I’m always looking for shortcuts and quick techniques to make traditional blocks. I’m sure many of you may have used Eleanor Burns’ Quick Trip Quilts tutorial before, but I haven’t and I was amazed at how easy it was to follow, so I wanted to share it with all of you. Her technique is so easy that you can make it in a day; sewn from strips this quilt is simplified with unmatched seams. It’s great for all skill levels. You can find this pattern and instructions in her Quick Trip Quilts book too. 


Women of Wonder . . . Retreat 2014 at Cross Roads  – This is my second year, but the third year for our retreat. The Teacups are a group of women who never cease to amaze me. I’m blessed to be a member. I took some snapshots of our retreat. The quilts are awesome, and the retreat center is serene. This year we had a newcomer (Angie) with us. She’s a friend of Annette A..  Angie made a beautiful tree skirt. We look forward to seeing her at our next retreat.

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