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New Beginnings . . . Week 20

Thirty-three weeks to go . . . What will tickle my fancy this week?

I decided to keep it simple because I went away this week, and didn’t have time to be overly creative. While I was away; I went to the Grand Canyon. I purchased a coin purse. I really like the simplicity and fabric of the coin purse; it can also be worn around your neck. So, I decided to make my very own coin purse without the string. I guesstimated the measurements. The results are posted; pictures of the purchased coin purse and pictures of the one I made. 

New Beginnings . . . Week 19

Thirty-four weeks to go . . . I’m always browsing the web for ideas, a year ago, I came across a cool banking method for kids.

The Three Piggy Bank Method, by Lori Craig (market director for PNC Bank Wealth Management). Lori recommends that you set kids up with three piggy banks: one for saving, one for sharing, and one for spending. Lori defines what each bank is specifically used for; “a spending bank is for money to be used on everyday things.” “A savings bank is for money to be used in the future, or on a big ticketed item,” and a sharing bank is to be used to help others or to give.”

So, I’ve given or will give each of my grandsons three banks on their birthday. Then, I  explained or will explain this method to my sons and daughters, so they can instill this practice in my grandchildren. For decorative purposes I added or will add their favorite character stickers to their banks, as suggested by Lori. Finally, I added or will add five dollars to each bank as a starter for their savings. I hope my grandsons continue using this method of banking. 

Since my New Beginnings challenge is all about creating something every week. I knew I had to also add something that I made. So, I decided to make my number five grandson an iPad case for his second birthday. I used The Stitching Scientist‘s Quilted Laptop Case tutorial.

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New Beginnings . . . Week 18

Thirty-five weeks to go . . . Today was a great day to be creative. So, I decided to make a Mini Sew Together Bag; pattern by Michelle of  SewDemented, and the conversion worksheet for the mini was created by Elizabeth E. of The original Sew Together Bag pattern is needed for the conversion. I also used the Sew Along tutorial that I found on The Quilt Barn‘s blog.
Wow! I can’t believe it! I finished it! This is a first for me, since I began my New Beginnings Challenge. I’m usually rushing to create something on Sunday; just to meet my deadline. WooHoo!


New Beginnings . . . Weeks 1 & 2

I don’t make new year resolutions, but I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and see how far I can get and create something once a week. It won’t matter which day of the week I make it, what matters is that it’s created before the week is out (this doesn’t include any and all WIPs or UFOs) So, last week; which was the first week of January, I used the Gourmet Quilter’s zippered pouches using 10″ squares video, so I made the quilted pouch featured below using her technique. If you are interested in making this pouch click on the video below. You can also purchase the Gourmet Quilter’s pattern by clicking on the zippered pouch photo.

Zippered Pouch  (fabric by DearStella)

This week, I’ve decided to make another quilted 10″ pouch with zipper tabs. I’m going to use Jenny Doan’s technique for adding zipper tabs. View video for tutorial.

Completed week two’s pouch with zipper tab. I watched Jenny’s video and used her technique for the zipper tabs. I made a different pouch.


Stitch and Flip Tutorial

Once again, I’m adding a technique to my blog that will make your quilting life easy. I’m always looking for methods that make piecing quilt blocks quick, easy, and effortless. I came across a stitch and flip tutorial demonstrated by Diane Harris (Quilter) from National Quilters’ Circle. She explains why you should add stitch and flip to your quilting skills, so check out the video. Remember no matter how skilled you are. You can always learn something new. Enjoy!

QAYG (Quilt As You Go)

Every Tuesday night, I quilt with a group of extraordinary women. Their vast talents range from seamstress, knitters, quilters, felters, designers, book club members; you name it and most likely one of them has done it. These women are full of knowledge, travel, life experiences  and exposure. I truly enjoy being a member and friend of this group (Tea Cups). It is such a learning experience. You never know what’s in store for you on any given Tuesday. Several Tuesdays ago Josie (a member and friend) taught a QAYG (quilt as you go) class. I missed that session, however, I decided to blog about this technique. There are several techniques, but after watching Josie I decided to post two QAYG videos showing the techniques she used. These  videos were made by the Gourmet Quilter. This will be the next technique I try. Enjoy QAYG!

Other Gourmet Quilter QAYG Tutorials

I finished my QAYG quilt and I made a pillow.

Sunshine – Front
Sunshine – Back
Pillow – Front


Sewing Machine Care

I receive email from the National Sewing Circle and one of this weeks videos is on Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips.  Did you know that maintenance should be performed on your sewing machine after every major project? How often do you clean your sewing machine? Click on the link below and let Jessica Giardino walk you through the Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips video. Enjoy!

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips