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Finish; Complete . . . Month 11

Wow! This is month 11 and I’m sooooooo behind. My biggest problem is procrastination. I don’t know why I wait until the very last-minute to complete a task. I have one month to go; I have to say I didn’t complete my 2018 year’s challenge. I got involved in other ventures and my year’s challenge flew the coop.



Finish; Complete . . . Month 9

I’ve fallen behind, but I’m determined to keep posting my WIPs. I may take the quick and easy way out with this WIP, and use the technique of no binding flip and quilt finishing. For this technique; you sew all three layers together (quilt top, batting, and backing), leave an opening and then flip it so that everything is right side out. Then sew the opening by hand. I’m going to sew a decorative stitch around the entire quilt.

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Finish; Complete . . . Month 7

It’s important for me to stay on task, so I’m going to post my next WIP. This WIP will take a little longer because I have to sandwich it first, and then quilt it.
As of 8/5/18, I haven’t touched this WIP. I am almost finished with month 6’s quilt. I am going to post my next month’s WIP. I have to keep telling myself that procrastination is a waste of time, and make things happen.