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Tips and Tutorials Tuesday – 3 Methods for Boxing the Corners on a Bag

Lately, I’ve been making tote bags, purses, and even Ipad/Tablet cases; which sometimes requires you to box the corners. A nice even corner makes your bag look great. I know and use two of the methods for boxing corners, but I found a video by Deby Coles from So Sew Easy (so-sew-easy.com) that shows a third method. You may have seen the third method on a market bag or a large beach bag. Anyway check out the video!

3 Ways to Box Corners in a Bag:

1. Cut the cornerboxcorner2a

2. Sew the cornerboxcorner2

3. Sew into seamboxcorner3bc3

Wow! I always wondered how the third method this was done.

I’m sure you all know how to box the corners of your bag, but it’s always good to have a refresher.

Click on the video and check out all 3 methods.