Food for Thought: Never Short Change Yourself

I wrote this down some time ago, but never added it to my blog until now.  What led to this writing was a discussion that I had with some of my friends about pricing your quilts. One of my friends sold one of her quilts for a large sum of money. When she asked me how much would I have sold it for, I gave her a small amount. So that day I learned an important lesson. Never sell yourself short. When it comes to what you do as a crafter (knitter/crocheter, sewer, or quilter) your work is just as valuable. You are an artist in your own right. The time, expense, work, and love you put into your projects is priceless. Your creativity is yours, and no one else has what you have. Yes, others may try to duplicate it, but you are the artist. You have that extra oomph that it takes to make it yours, that extra twist on it. You have that je ne sais quoi, so when buyers look at your prices and think they are too costly. Remember, never sell yourself short. You are the artist.


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