An Experience to Remember . . .

Cross Roads Retreat and Camp Center-This is the third year that the Teacups have retreated to Cross Roads; not only to fellowship through quilting, but to commune with nature. Yes, our yearly retreat is a quilters dream. We have a great time quilting, sharing ideas, and of course enjoying a good meal. The God given talents amongst our group are  phenomenal. These women are multi-crafters. They sew, knit, crochet, and machine and hand quilt. We quilt for charities, family, friends, and ourselves. There’s an impromptu quilt marathon; to see who can stay up the longest quilting. This year it seems as though everyone got so much completed; especially since you can quilt as late as you want, and trust me we have some all night quilters. There’s always some kind of group project; no pressure. During the year we have a quilt challenge. We reveal the end product at the retreat.  It’s your choice if you want to participate or you can do your own thing. There’s nothing but love and laughter throughout.

Turquoise Challenge
Turquoise Challenge

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